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Does Florida Require Workers Compensation Insurance

Working in Florida is both an exciting and sometimes, confusing prospect. 



A big question workers have is: “Does Florida require workers compensation insurance?” In short, the answer is yes. However, workers comp isn’t required for all workers. 


There are certain workers who fit into workers comp exemptions – such as elective officers of municipalities, real estate brokers and salespeople and small business owners with three or fewer employees – so make sure to confirm your particular situation with an appropriate authority. 

Prevent On-the-job Injuries Before They Happen

While workers comp is no laughing matter for Florida business owners, the best way to look at it is as an investment rather than a cost. 


After all, you can’t put a price tag on preventing on-the-job injuries before they happen. The right safety training and practices can save time, money, and future headaches by protecting workers from accidents that could have been avoided. 


Everyone wants a safe workplace – why not start today?

Who Is Exempt From Workers Compensation Insurance in Florida?

Florida business owners are always trying to save a dime, but they overlook being exempt from workers’ compensation insurance at their own risk! 


Florida has a set list of exempt workers who include: real estate brokers and sales associates, domestic servants, casual laborers, employees who are members of the employers immediate family. 


It is important to note that the more high risk the employee’s work is, the more they should be insured. So while Florida businesses may come across an opportunity to save on insurance premiums by being exempt from workers’ comp, it might be best for them to play it safe instead.

Are Independent Contractors Covered by Workers Comp in Florida?

Florida business owners know all too well that high-risk workers, such as those working in construction and similar labor-intensive industries, face certain dangers on the job. As such, Florida has instituted certain measures to provide compensation to independent contractors who might be injured while performing their duties in the workplace. 


While some states do not offer this type of coverage to independent contractors, Florida does provide a mechanism to ensure that these hardworking citizens have access to support should they experience a work-related injury. 


The Florida Workers’ Compensation Program offers opportunities for both employers and workers to avail of important resources that can help them get back on their feet following any unfortunate accident or illness related to work.

Why Pick OCMI for Workers Comp Insurance in Florida?

Looking for workers’ comp insurance in Florida? OCMI is the solution: with low rates on program, we make it easier to take care of your team without breaking the bank.


Plus, we offer exemplary customer service and a team of dedicated agents ready to answer any questions or get you set up swiftly and painlessly.


So when you need something done that’s both cost-effective and reliable, why not let OCMI do what it does best? After all, you wouldn’t try to mix margaritas with a wrench, would you?


Ultimately, no joke – workers in Florida should understand their rights when it comes to workers compensation insurance!